Saturday, January 17, 2009

New job

Turned in my notice yesterday; after 7 years, 2 different customers, and 3 different customers I decided to move on from Kratos (was SYS Technologies, was RBIS, Ltd). Lots of good experience and colleagues along the way but I'm ready to get back into operational system administration work. It will mean some changes in our carpool arrangements but they're mostly on Connie's part . . .I'll drop her off at the Metro station she'll have to take the train to Union Station and back . . .she's been getting dropped off at the door for a couple of years now and is already missing it terribly. Not too much else new around here . . .it was 5 degrees this morning and had made it up to a whopping 9 by the time I went out and rode the bike . . . fingers pretty much froze by the time I got back.

Connie's all pumped up about some bike race down in Australia . . .she's been geeking out about it all week and I've heard way of the details than I needed:-).

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