Saturday, January 24, 2009

Isn't technology wonderful?

I gotta tell you . . . technology is cool stuff. Connie left yesterday evening for a week and a half in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India. She got there today . . . and discovered that internet access in the hotel room costs $30 a day . . . but paid it anyway since ACP is picking up the tab for the trip. I had set up a Skype account for each of us the other day and installed the Skype app on her MacBook . . . she's pretty amazed that she can be 7000 miles away sitting there in her bathrobe having a video chat with me. Good thing she's got a Mac (all of our computers are Macs) . . . she would have had plenty more trouble both getting online in the hotel room and getting messaging to work on a Windows box.

Me . . .I spent the day on a bike ride, went by the bank ATM for a deposit, got a haircut and bought groceries, had a steak for dinner, and paid the bills/balanced the checkbook. Not nearly as interesting a day as she had (although today yesterday was just the flight . . . she is off to do touristy and Mass things today.

That's about it . . .guess I'm off to bed:-)

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