Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday morning . . .back at work. I miss Connie already but she's probably so busy over in Dubai that she doesn't have time to think about being alone. Spent yesterday cleaning up/reorganizing the computer room/office at home, paying bills, and other exciting stuff. I did watch a couple of movies on TNT that I had never seen . . .the last half of The Da Vince Code (saw the beginning while donating blood one day) and Castaway. I was amazed that Tom Hanks lost as much weight as he did for Castaway . . .by the end he looked 40 or 50 pounds lighter than at the beginning. At the end after he delivered the package to the ranch (the one he had saved the whole time he was on the island) and met the lady owner of the ranch (based on the logo on the back of her pickup) and was standing in the road pondering what to do next . . .I would have guessed it would fade to black as he turned around and headed back to the ranch to introduce himself to her . . .but on reflection the "I wonder what he does next" works just as well. I guess screenwriters leave themselves a setup for a sequel if they can . . . the next one could easily open with him turning around . . . or with him driving off to "next stop Canada" as the lady rancher said.

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