Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lots o' work today

Did a bunch of updates on the website today; updated the pictures section for our vacation to all of the National Parks (Joshua Tree, Mojave, Death Valley, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon) in southern California back in September. I also updated the Organ quest pages for the Pacific Symphony (Sep 08) and New Jersey Symphony (Jan 09) concerts we attended. Watched the football games while working on those, worked on some paperwork for the new job, and cooked some chicken for dinner. At least the weather warmed up a bit . . .after bruising my ribs falling on the ice up in New Jersey last weekend I'm still pretty sore so have been biking instead of running this week. Yesterday it was like 5 degrees with 20 knots of breeze blowing and it was darned cold even though I had 3 layers of warm clothes on. Today was much nicer . . . high 20's and little wind so it was quite a bit more comfortable. Tomorrow and Tuesday are supposed to be a little warmer still so if it doesn't snow I may go for a longer ride then I did today or yesterday.

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